Fish moved to allow for Caledonian Canal maintenance work


Fish were relocated from part of a historic canal before water was drained away to allow for winter maintenance work.

Pike, lamprey, brown trout and salmon were among more than 150 fish moved from an 108m (354ft) stretch of the Caledonian Canal at Fort Augustus.

Experts from Ness and Beauly Fisheries Trust caught the fish and moved them to another part of the 200-year-old canal.

The relocation was carried out under a licence from Marine Scotland.

Catherine Topley, Scottish Canals chief executive, said: “Many of the visitors to the waterway may not appreciate the extensive and caring work that goes on behind the scenes to preserve the fish during this essential work, allowing us to continue to protect the heritage, environment, and various wildlife that the canal habitat provides a home for.

“These works will ensure that the much loved scheduled monument – the Caledonian Canal – continues to thrive for years to come.”

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